Date: 09 May 2014
Cat: Symposium

Event Finished

Riba Symposium 2014

All-Day Intensive Talks & Forum on Riba

Islam is a universal system that upholds justice and dignity for all. The Economic System of Islam entrenches within itself principles that eliminate oppression and extremities of unfair distribution of wealth. The equitable well being of the society is given primacy over the promiscuous luxury of a chosen few. One of the cornerstones of this Just System is the unequivocal rejection of the concept of riba (interest).

Today, this prohibition and the implementation of interest-free economic practices are considered nothing short of utopia. There is an immediate need to address this lack of understanding about the Islamic concept and injunctions on riba. It is also imperative to understand certain key complex issues related to its application in the current scenario. It is with this end in mind that Al-Naqiy Islamic Solutions announces a 1-Day Symposium entitled Riba Symposium 2014.